The 150 ton sand sculpture will be designed by Team Sandtastic from Sarasota, Florida. Team Sandtastic creates 50-60 sand sculptures each year and will showcase their amazing talents near the Flagstar Bank Kids Corner. Each year the sculpture has a theme. This year’s design will celebrate the River Days partnership with the Motown Museum.

Since the towering sculptures will be built during the festival, visitors will be able to watch as these structures slowly take shape. The sculptures are composed entirely of water and sand, with no additional additives. There will also be an enormous sand box play area next to the sculptures.

Professional sand sculpting titles held by Sandtastic include: First Place at The American Sand Sculpting Festival, The Myrtle Beach Open, The Southeast US Championships, and others. In July of 1998, Team Sandtastic created the tallest sand castle ever hand built in under 100 manhours for Georgia Stone Mountain Park. It stood at 28 feet 7 and 1/4 inch and holds a current Guinness World Record.