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Jet Ski Demonstrations 


Don't miss the excitement of the USA Jet-Ski Freestyle Championships! The Detroit Riverfront becomes a stage when Typhoon Tommy brings the Detroit River USA Freestyle Championships to GM River Days.  The Jet-Ski take place along the Detroit RiverWalk near Rivard Plaza & Pavillion.  

This International Jet Sports Boating Association sanctioned event will feature some of the worlds top freestyle pilots strutting their stuff on the crystal clear water in front of the beautiful Detroit Riverwalk. The pilots will use variety of freestyle jet-skis and hydroflight devices that allow them to perform spectacular jumps, backflips, corkscrew spins, flips and rolls into the air.  The pilots will use the watercraft to disappear underwater, while sending large fountains of water splashing around the Detroit River for the right to be called the Detroit River Freestyle Champion and qualify to the 2016 IJSBA world finals. 

This is the largest freestyle event of its kind in the metro Detroit area with some of the top performer pilots in the industry including: Tommy Nuttall, Mike Hoffman, Jason Burns, Jacob Burns, Jason Widdes, Andrew Burry, Bobby Clouse, Chad Cummings, Ryan Doberstein, Corey Gibson, Luke Markham, Dakota Nuttall, Evan Krefski, Joe Ecket, Zane Nuttall, Justin Sylvain, Gordon Wanyek , Mike Widdes and many others.

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